Cheering Challenge

The Cheering Challenge is one of several parts of the O’Rama Regional Cup.  It’s a deafening free-for-all that turns a West Coast Swing competition into a sporting event and brings the energy in the ballroom to levels unlike I’ve ever seen (or heard) at another dance event.
We’ve made a few tweaks for this year…

  • Last year this accidentally ended up lasting through the entire weekend…this year we will have TWO Cheering Challenges only.  While I’m sure the rest of the weekend will still be loud and crazy, and we might give points for awesome spirit and energy at any time, there won’t be the pressure of us awarding points to a winning region at the end of every contest.
    – The 1st Cheering Challenge will be Friday Evening during the Open Jackpot Prelims.  This gives EVERYONE the chance to dance and experience that amazing energy and atmosphere while competing.  50 points will be awarded to the winning team!
    – The 2nd Cheering Challenge will be Saturday Evening during the Strictly A & B Finals…but with a twist! It will be a Crossover Cheering Challenge where each California team is be paired up with one of the Regions from outside California. Each of the 2 winning Regions will get 50 points!
  • We have a slightly more official way of judging this for 2017 that will focus on creativity and spirit as well as loudness (and loudness relative to size so the smaller teams aren’t at a huge disadvantage).
  • We’ll have some buckets of earplugs for those who may need them (these are intended for use during the cheering challenge but if your roommate snores you can steal them for that too)