GSDTA Dance Excelleration Intensive

Not Happening for 2018

Thursday, June 11th, 2015 12 noon – 5pm with a 1hr. Lunch Break
ALL levels of dancers are welcome.

To register please contact: GSDTA or Skippy Blair by calling
562-869-8949 or logging into for more details.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend one of Skippy Blair’s GSDTA Dance Excelleration Intensives taught by Two Time US OPEN Champion, MARY ANN NUNEZ

These Intensives have been held at the Jack & Jill O’Rama for the past 11 years utilizing The Universal Unit System® – The scientific approach to learning West CoastSwing faster, and with great foundation material.

For only $100 – Participants receive 4 Hours concentrated training from Mary Ann and
detailed printed educational materials from Skippy’s latest Dance Textbook. The printed
articles will be emailed prior to the event as soon as you are registered and will greatly contribute to your learning process. Participants also receive credit toward GSDTA certification for those on the Certification Program.

PLUS! Free to participants – Skippy’s latest E-Book (a $25 value): History of “West Coast Swing” (In a Nutshell 1950 – 2015)
Available March 15th, 2015

People already familiar with the Universal Unit System® can update their Notebooks
by checking the dates on Articles and replace older ones. NEW people to the system can start their own DANCE NOTEBOOK. PLEASE bring these notes with you to the Intensive at Jack & Jill O’Rama. They will also be a valuable resource for the future.

GSDTA has been certifying teachers since 1961. The UNIVERSAL UNIT SYSTEM® is a scientific method of learning ALL forms of Movement and Dance.