O’Rama Regional Cup

So we’ve stolen a playbook from Harry Potter and we’re doing a House Cup style regional challenge.  The idea here is to encourage smack talk, healthy competitiveness, and most importantly…FUN PARTICIPATION in all aspects of the event

What’s at stake?
Bragging rights.
An utterly ridiculous giant trophy I found that will have the winning Region on it from each year.
Also a smaller and slightly more travel friendly (but still ridiculous looking) trophy for the winning region to take home and keep.
And we throw the names of everyone from the winning region in a drawing for a bunch of event passes.
But really it’s just about the fun of participating.

Each Regional Team has rally towels provided by a sponsor and here are the teams for this year.  Click the team to be taken to their Facebook planning group (please only join the group of the team you will be on…no spying hahaha).

LA (sponsored by SoCal Westy)
NorCal (sponsored by Boogie by the Bay)
NorthWesties (sponsored by Rose City Swing & Swingcouver)
TexaCo (sponsored by Wild Wild Westie)
Desert Westies…Arizona/Nevada/Utah (sponsored by Rhythmic Souls)
The East Coast & Midwesties (sponsored by Liberty Swing & Dance Jam Productions)
The OC (sponsored by Atomic Ballroom)
United Republic of San Diego (sponsored by Westie Jam)
Please check out all our sponsors here!

Also this year Jack & Jill O’Rama is giving a $100 stipend to each team for supplies!!! (The team sponsor will be in charge of the stipend).

At event registration you’ll let us know which Region you want to be part of.  You can just pick the one you feel most connected to, we don’t automatically sort you based on zip code or anything.
If you’re not from any of those regions pick any team you’d like (or make them convince you to join them haha).
If you can’t decide…on Friday evening we will have a quick and fun sorting ceremony to sort the undecided into Regions.

You earn points for your team via…

  •  the Carlito Challenge, 1st place in any division earns your team 5 points, 2nd = 4.5 pts, 3rd = 4 pts, 4th = 3.5 pts, 5th = 3 pts, 6th = 2.5 pts, 7th = 2 pts, 8th = 1.5 pts, 9th = 1 pts, Any other finalist earns .5 pt.
    (the WCS 101 division doesn’t earn points towards the O’Rama Cup)
  • the Cheering Challenges, We have TWO this year, one on friday night and a Crossover Cheering Challenge on Saturday Night, but it won’t be a continuous cheering challenge through the whole weekend like accidentally happened last year.  And we’ll have a couple buckets of earplugs just in case ;).
  • If any teams look super awesome during the #WestieRave glow party I’ll probably give extra points for that too.  Not sure how many…more than 10 but less than 100…depends how awesome I think you look.
  • All of the event staff can give or take away 1 to 10 points to/from ANY TEAM, at ANY TIME, for ANY REASON…EXCEPT STRAIGHT BRIBERY hahaha.  Did you nail that footwork in Sean and Courtney’s class?…3 points to your team.  Were you late for All American?…negative 5 points to your team. Did Cameo love her social dance with you?…10 points to your team. Did Forrest notice that you social danced more than anyone Friday night?…10 points to your team.  Did one of our DJs watch you have a rockin fun dance with a beginner?…8 points to your team.  Did someone from another team tell us about some random act of awesomeness you did for them?…5 points to your team and may 2 points to theirs for telling us.  And so on…
    *Did you bring Brandi a glass of wine?…No points to your team because that would be straight bribery but I’m sure she would appreciate it anyways so it’s still worth bringing her a glass of wine.
  • Ben, John and Jeanne can give or take away as many points as we want, or change the rules at any time for any reason we think is fair and justifiable.