Checkout is through Paypal (You do not need a Paypal account – you can check out as a guest using a credit card)
We do not mail any tickets, we will have your name at Registration. Please bring your Paypal purchase confirmation when you check in.
Passes are non-refundable.

If we sell 500 weekend passes prior to the event we will close off sales of weekend passes online and at the door.  
If we have NOT sold 500 weekend passes prior to the event then there will be registration at the door like usual and it will NOT be capped.
If we are getting close to selling out we will be blasting on email, Facebook (join the event here or like the page here), and I will post on this registration page in order to make sure that everyone has ample opportunity to buy their tickets before they sell out.
Please read the full post about the potential cap at

All Stars & Champions FREE!!
(register at the event like usual, regardless of if normal weekend passes are sold out)
Must have Champions or All Star points and register for All American/60s Era, and Pro-Am to be eligible

Layaway Deposit Option – Reserve your spot and lock in the lower price!
Deposit prices are listed below and increase by $10 with each tier of tickets.
Remaining payment will be $110 or $80 for Student/International/Junior.
Deposits are non-refundable and remaining payments are due by March 1st, 2018 or you will forfeit both your initial deposit AND your ticket.  Pay your remaining balance here.

Weekend passes (Pre-Reg ends May 28th unless tickets sell out sooner)

  • $139 each for the first 250 weekend passes ($109 for Full Time Student or International) – $29 Layaway Deposit option
  • $149 each for the next 150 weekend passes ($119 for Full Time Student or International) – $39 Layaway Deposit option
  • $159 each for the last 100 weekend passes ($129 for Full Time Student or International) – $49 Layaway Deposit option
  • All Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sunday workshops and social dancing are included with weekend passes!
  • Weekend passes required for competition
Please Enter First and Last Name of Attendee Below

Contest Registration is at the event (contest registration hours will be posted on the schedule)
If you are competing, you will have to come to the contest registration desk to register, pick up your contest number and complete the contest waiver form. Please do that as early in the weekend as possible to ensure you have everything you need to compete.
Contest registration cuts off 3 hours before contest. If you can make the contest but not the registration deadline have a friend sign you up and we'll hold your number.
Contest fees will be...

  • $20 per person for Fun Jack & Jills
  • $21 per person for WSDC Divisional Jack & Jills
  • $40 per couple for Strictly Swing